Friday, September 3, 2010

Hello from Glenwood

At this moment I am at Glenwood Springs Colorado, Im taking photos and videos around the place. Because we just got in about 4 hours ago the only thing we were able to do is go out to eat and walk around for a wile. But after being here for about 15 min you can start to see the similarities between this place and maybe a European cities, mostly at night. With the narrow streets and water front areas things start to blend with things one may have seen on the Travel Channel.

We stopped and ate at a place called Glenwood Brew CO. It had a nice felling with alot of people and many games on t.v.s, the one down side of the place is that the prices. The prices are a little high for bar food, but the food was good, the total for 4 people to eat was around $60 w/o tip.

As for tomorrow we are hitting the hot springs (the largest in America) and later in the night going to a concert on the top of a mountain. I will see how that goes but im hoping that it all works out.

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